Snam and Microsoft launch the first joint project on Cloud and IoT for the technological and sustainable development of energy networks

Snam and Microsoft launch the first joint project on Cloud and IoT for the technological and sustainable development of energy networks

Snam and Microsoft

Milan, 6 August 2020 – Snam and Microsoft consolidate their partnership to develop solutions that enable the digital evolution of energy networks through Cloud and IoT (Internet of Things). Following the memorandum of understanding signed in 2019, the two companies have started to develop a "Hybrid Cloud" infrastructure that will allow Snam to leverage greater data processing capacity and IoT to manage its network in an increasingly efficient and flexible way, with benefits on reliability and safety, as well as for the energy transition.

The synergy will create, by next autumn, a digital architecture capable of delivering some services from the Cloud, including commercial applications serving users of the gas system, and acting as a platform for the integration of IoT, AI and Machine Learning systems that will make Snam's infrastructure network even smarter. The transition to the Hybrid Cloud, using Azure, will allow for the acquisition, processing and enhancement of a greater amount of data, making it possible, for example, to provide predictive maintenance operations and forecast analysis of energy demand through neural networks.

Digitalization is one of the pillars of the SnamTec program for innovation and the energy transition, which Snam invests €1.4 billion in as part of a 6.5 billion overall plan by 2023. The program includes initiatives aimed both at increasing the efficiency of the company's traditional activities - with the aim of cutting methane and direct and indirect CO2 emissions by 40% by 2025 and 2030 respectively - and boosting new businesses in energy efficiency, biomethane, hydrogen and sustainable mobility.

"The digitalization of our infrastructure is essential to position Snam as a leader in the energy transition, allowing it to contribute to a new model of sustainable development for the benefit of all stakeholders and the territories in which we operate. For this reason, technological innovation is one of the pillars of SnamTec, the project in which we will invest €1.4 billion by 2023 to build the energy company of the future. The collaboration with Microsoft and the development of Cloud, AI and Machine Learning technologies, combined with the skills of our people, are key elements in this evolution", said Claudio Farina, Executive Vice President of Digital Transformation & Technology at Snam.

"Environmental sustainability is now crucial and we must all collaborate in the search for new energies, new infrastructure and mobility models, and greener processes. Cloud Computing, IoT and Artificial Intelligence are extraordinary enablers, because only after modernizing the infrastructure and digitalizing the systems can the energy transition and the transition to clean energy be accomplished. We share a strong commitment to sustainability and we are proud to collaborate with one of Europe's most important companies in the energy sector in this crucial project for the future of the country. We are confident that through even more sophisticated management of the networks, Snam will not only be able to seize the opportunities linked to the evolution of the energy system, but at the same time contribute to the sustainable development of our cities and communities", commented Barbara Cominelli, COO and Marketing and Operations Lead at Microsoft Italia.



Snam is one of the world's leading energy infrastructure operators and one of the largest Italian listed companies in terms of market capitalization. Through its international subsidiaries, it operates in Albania, Austria, China, France, Greece, the UAE and UK. The company has the largest natural gas transmission network and storage capacity among European peers and is also one of the main operators in regasification. As part of a €6.5 billion plan to 2023, Snam invests €1.4 bn in the SnamTec project, focused on innovation and new energy transition businesses, from sustainable mobility to biomethane and energy efficiency. Snam also aims to enable and promote the development of hydrogen to encourage the decarbonisation of the energy sector and industry. Snam's business model is based on sustainable growth, transparency, the promotion of talent and diversity and the social development of regions through the initiatives of Fondazione Snam. For more information, visit



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