Snam: fulfilment of the “golden power” condition precedent on the resolution relating to Bylaws amendments

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San Donato Milanese (Milan), 23 February 2021 – With reference to the resolution through which the corporate purpose was amended (article 2 of the Bylaws) at the Shareholders' Meeting dated past 2 February, Snam announces that the Prime Minister's Office yesterday informed the company that it will not exercise the special powers referred to in the golden power legislation.

The golden power condition precedent linked to the effectiveness of the resolution is therefore understood to be fulfilled.

Note that the effectiveness of the Resolution remains subject to fulfilment, or the waiving, of the additional condition precedent relating to the outlay by the company as the buyer of last resort of any shares subject to withdrawal up to an amount not exceeding 150 million euros. For more information, please refer to the press release issued on 8 February 2021 and the relative explanatory report on the items in the Shareholders’ Meeting agenda of 2 February 2021 published on 29 December 2020 and available on Snam’s website (www.snam.it/en/governance-conduct/shareholders-meeting).

Snam will provide the necessary information in a press release which will be published, among others, on its corporate website (www.snam.it) in accordance with the terms and conditions set out by the law.

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23 February 2021 - 08:22 CET