Contributions to Italy’s healthcare system

Contributions to Italy’s healthcare system

Contributions to Italy’s healthcare system

Snam, also through its Fondazione Snam, has decided to allocate 20 million Euros in favour of initiatives advanced by the Italian Healthcare System and the not-for-profit sector, to face the coronavirus emergency.

The funds and expertise put forward by Snam are directed to hospitals, healthcare facilities and other entities for the purchase of equipment and necessary goods and to support not-for-profit sector entities that operate in favour of the protection of the most vulnerable parts of the population.

As part of the donation, by leveraging its international network, Snam has purchased 625 lung ventilators and 600,000 N95 masks from Chinese and Indian companies, which are being distributed to Italian regional hospitals by the Civil Protection, under the coordination of Italy’s extraordinary commissioner. The company has also signed a letter of intent with the commissioner’ office to purchase, on its behalf, additional lung ventilators and masks. Snam has also covered the costs of a cargo flight required to ship part of the material.

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07 April 2020 - 17:54 CEST