Snam Foundation for the not-for-profit sector

Snam Foundation for the not-for-profit sector

Snam Foundation for the not-for-profit sector

Snam’s actions to counter the coronavirus emergency include Snam Foundation’s allocation of funds to not-for-profit entities active in supporting the most vulnerable parts of our population.

The donations are primarily focused on supporting entities that work with the sick, the elderly, children in disadvantaged situations, women who suffer violence and the homeless, in the areas most affected by the virus. More specifically, they involve the following:

  • support to entities that provide home care services to the elderly and the sick through the distribution of primary goods such as medicines and groceries. This support is mainly in the form of cash donations but also in kind (for example through the provision of vehicles to be used for such services);
  • support to the services provided for people in fragile conditions through an online national platform that matches needs that emerge during the emergency and available response opportunities as well as providing information about available services;
  • support to entities that work with disadvantaged families, for example by enhancing digital teaching services for children through the provision of free training of teachers and the purchase of IT equipment necessary to access online lessons, and through COVID-19 prevention actions in homes;
  • support to entities that protect the psychophysical well-being of women in conditions of vulnerability and victims of domestic violence through various services such as dedicated platforms and telephone consultancy services;
  • support to entities offering distribution services of primary goods to homeless persons.


The donations are also aimed at offering support to not-for-profit organizations active in the health sector, and that work for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, in particular:

  • entities that carry out training activities for health workers to reduce the contagion of the virus;
  • entities that support local hospitals, hosting patients discharged due to lack of beds due to the current emergency;
  • entities that offer assistance services to patients with serious illnesses to guarantee the necessary treatment also during the emergency.


In order to enhance the scope of its support, the Snam Foundation has also launched its own fundraising initiative within the Snam community through the mechanism of payroll giving, which offers employees the possibility to contribute through a volountary donation.

Alongside the financial support, Snam Foundation has also arranged for the donation of Snam Institute E-Learning licenses to not-for-profit entities who wish to increase their internal online training hours.

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