The Transitgas-TENP will be bidirectional as of the summer of 2018

The Transitgas-TENP will be bidirectional as of the summer of 2018

Fluxys has taken the final investment decision

20150130_2Fluxys has made the final investment decision aimed to provide a bi-directional flow of the Transitgas and TENP gas pipelines. In this manner, as of the end of the summer of 2018, it will be possible to transmit gas through Switzerland to Italy and Germany and to France as well as between Germany and France.
That is not all. If the South-North capacity demand grows, as a brief underlines, "the investments which the decisions refer to will be gradually increased in order to include the capacity in the market area of Gaspool in Germany and Belgium, providing in this way the access to the United Kingdom and thus connecting the biggest European markets."
The investments that will render the Transitgas-TENP system bi-drectional "are in line with the reverse flow project of Italian operator Snam," the brief adds, explaining that "the range of sources available in Italy include gas from Azerbaijan, Africa and potentially other sources, once the Southern Gas Corridor has become operational."
Moreover, Fluxys underlines that the bi-directional system of Transitgas-TENP will favor the liquidity between the gas platforms in Italy (VTP), France (PEG Nord and PEG Sud) and Germany (NCG).
The investments planned by the Belgian network operator, as the brief concludes, "encompass the activities aimed to invert the flow at the compression stations both in Switzerland and in Germany, as well as building of a de-stenching plant which for the first time will allow Germany to import gas to the countries applying other stenching techniques."
Fluxys has not indicated either the value of the project investments or the capacity of the future South-North flow.


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