Austria, TAG independent transmission operator

Appointed along with GCA, APG, VUN and Eneco Valcanale by Vienna

Following the final decisi 20151116_2on of the Austrian Regulatory Authority E-Control, the government of Vienna has appointed Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH (Tag) a transmission system operator in Austria, pursuant to directive 2009/73/EC on the internal gas market. The Official Journal of the EU communicated that in its notification published on Friday, which also informs about a similar appointment of Gas Connect Austria GmbH (GCA).
TAG is invested by Snam with 84.47% and its is an affiliate of GCA with 15.53%.
By means of the second notification, pursuant to directive 2009/72/EC on the internal electric power market, the government appointed Austrian Power Grid (APG), Vorarlberger √úbertragungsnetz GmbH (VUN) and Eneco Valcanale transmission system operators.

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05 August 2016 - 16:26 CEST