Spain to have the world’s largest LNG-fueled catamaran

125-meter vessel built for Baleària: speed of over 40 knots, range of 400 miles

Spanish ship operator Baleària has commissioned the world’s largest high-speed, LNG-fueled catamaran that will be built at the Armón shipyard in Gijón.
With a length of 125 meters, the vessel will be equipped with technological group of propulsion engines and LNG tanks of Wärtsilä.
The catamaran, which will enter into service in the summer of 2020, will entail an investment of 90 million euros. The vessel’s service speed will be 35 knots and a top speed of over 40 knots. The LNG storage tanks will provide the ferry a range of 400 nautical miles, with a capacity for 1,200 passengers and 500 cars.
“This completely new design, which optimizes the performance of the ship, not only in terms of speed but also in seakeeping, makes this a breakthrough vessel. The use of LNG allows us to fulfill our commitment to the environment and to energy efficiency, while also keeping us one step ahead of the new pollutant gas reduction regulations scheduled for 2020,” said Chief Technical Officer of Armón, Juan Paino.
“High efficiency, reduced operating costs, and environmental sustainability were the key values in the design of this exciting new high-speed ferry,” declared in turn Vice-President, Marine Power Solutions of Wärtsilä, Stefan Wiik.

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07 November 2018 - 09:40 CET