Gas trading, PEGAS expands its offer with LNGGas trading, PEGAS expands its offer with LNG

As of February financial contracts on the European platforms

gazometro.jpgAs of February 2019, Powernext, through PEGAS, will introduce financially settled LNG contracts.  It was announced by the European platform controlled by EEX, which specified that the new LNG contracts will be assessed on a daily basis and settled against Platts JKM.
The offer of Powernext will comprise the registration of LNG futures for clearing.
In recent years, the market for LNG has grown significantly and Platts JKM has also grown in relevance, both in Asia and Europe, enabling Powernext to offer a standardized product.
Thus PEGAS expands its offer of European spot and futures gas products with a globally traded commodity, underlines the message, reminding that Powernext already offers futures and options for the TTF hub, so that the corresponding hedging transactions can be carried out via the PEGAS platform.


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