Hydrogen, call for international cooperation

Hyundai: to benefit from its expansion, multilateral collaboration is necessary

scale.jpgMajor international cooperation to face the challenge of climate change and favor hydrogen development. It is a call made at the World Economic Forum 2019 by executive vice chairman of Hyundai Motor Group, Euisun Chung, who is also co-chair of the Hydrogen Council, a global coalition of over 50 companies operating in the energy and transportation sector to foster the key role of hydrogen in the transition towards clean energy sources.
In the annual meeting held in Davos, Chung and chairman of Air Liquide Benoit Potier - the new and incumbent co-chair of the Hydrogen Council, respectively – pointed out to the need of multilateral cooperation to benefit from the global expansion of hydrogen. Through this message, expressing a firm stand, the co-chairs affirmed that cooperation between the public and private sector is the only manner to ensure that the economy of hydrogen does not remain just an idea but become a real catalyst of energy transition.
Owing to the leadership of the Hydrogen Council and the support of Benoit Potier, Chung aims to accelerate the development of a hydrogen and zero-emissions society to face the global climate challenges for future generations.
As early as in December 2018, Hyundai Motor Group confirmed its commitment to a hydrogen society by means of fuel cells technology, announcing the 'FCEV Vision 2030.' The project envisages a considerable increase in the annual production capacity of fuel cell systems to reach 700,000 units by 2030, and exploration of new business opportunities to provide them in future to not only other transportation companies, but also other sectors such as those of energy generation and storage.

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