Emilia-Romagna, eco-incentives for cars

The Region to reimburse up to €3,000 (plus the dealer’s discount) for those who switch to methane, LPG, hybrid or electric power feeding

Up to 3,000 euros reimbursed by the Region, plus a discount of at least 15% on the regular price offered by the dealers for the citizens of Emilia-Romagna who will decide to change their old, more contaminating car, including the Euro 4 diesel, and purchase a new low environmental impact or zero-emissions model. It is the new measure that the Regional Council has undertaken against smog and particulate matter, pursuant to which from February 15 to May 24 the residents of any commune of Emilia-Romagna with an equivalent financial situation index of up to €35,000 a year can apply for a car eco-bonus.
A message specifies that the measure, that President of the Council Stefano Bonaccini and Councilor of the Environment Paola Gazzolo described in Bologna on Monday, allocates €5 m to encourage the replacement of private cars with those with a methane, LPG, hybrid or electric power feeding. Moreover, the eco-bonus is part of other initiatives that the Region has already adopted to accelerate the renewal in eco key the circulating fleet, above all an incentive of up to €10,000 for scrapping commercial light-duty vehicles of up to the Euro 4 standard.

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