GIE, gas infrastructure essential for the climate targets

“Guaranteeing the supply of affordable energy” The association presents“Vision 2050”< /strong>

tubi.jpg“Decarbonization can only be achieved in an affordable way by facilitating all lower carbon energy processes, including the use of significant quantities of renewable or decarbonized gases as fuel for heating, power, industry and land and shipping transportation.” Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) expresses this opinion in “Vision 2050,” through which the European association of gas infrastructure operators “is committed to fulfill the European Union objectives under the UN Paris Agreement on Climate Change whilst guaranteeing the supply of affordable energy for all citizens.”
In Vision 2050, GIE envisages that the role of gas infrastructure will be “invaluable in the energy transition – based on the three pillars infrastructure, integration and innovation.”
According to GIE, “significant cost savings will result from using the existing gas infrastructure to deliver and store increased quantities of renewable and decarbonized energy, rather than build new electricity networks.”

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07 February 2019 - 09:29 CET