Sustainable finance, EU taxonomy under consultation

Criteria of technical screening for 67 activities and methods to evaluate the input to the climate change adjustment

The technical group of EU experts in sustainable finance has launched a consultation on the taxonomy (classification system) of the economically sustainable activities in the sectors of energy, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, ICT and construction, contained in one of the three reports published last month.
The report, that will be under consultation until September 13, contains the criteria of technical screening for 67 activities. It is about a method with the examples of prior work on the evaluation of “substantial input” to the climate change adjustment and the guidelines and case studies on the use of taxonomy by the investors.
The three reports – the other two regard a standard for the EU’s green bonds and the minimum technical requirements for the climate benchmarks and the environmental, climate and social ones (ESG) – are part of the Sustainable Finance Action Plan that the EU Commission rolled out in March 2018.

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09 July 2019 - 09:50 CEST