Biogas and biomethane in agriculture, Lombardy’s incentives

Call worth €8 M for clean energy production plants

raffineria.jpg“ We would like to contribute to protect the environment through the development of activities complementary to agriculture aimed at the production and use of renewable energy.” This is how Lombardy's Regional Councilor for Agriculture, Fabio Rolfi, presented the new call for applications which allocates to agricultural companies 8 million euros for the support to the creation and development of energy production activities.
In further detail, the call will provide financing to the agricultural companies which will build facilities for recovery and/or production of thermal energy, use of biogas, biomethane production, high efficiency thermal power production or cogeneration, photovoltaic systems integrated into the buildings, hydroelectric systems using derived water and that flowing in the existing channels or mountain waterworks. The call also covers the biogas recovery systems.
“Production cycles that are increasingly sustainable at the environmental level means better position on the market,” said Rolfi, announcing that the call will be open from July 10 to September 5, 2019.

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