Methane-fueled cars, g-mobility and its “manifesto”

The proposals of NGVA Europe for the policymakers entering the EU arena

Following the EU elections held last May, on Monday NGVA Europe announced its “manifesto” for g-mobility, with the “policy recommendations to enable a cleaner future for transport.”
According to the association, the document can be “a basis to steer the future of Europe’s mobility and environmental agenda, where the use of natural and renewable gas can contribute to decarbonization and improved air quality.” Indeed, NGVA explains that the use of methane in transport “give value to waste, allow consumers of all budgets to decarbonize the transport sector and improve the quality of air in urban areas and beyond.”
There are five proposals that the association puts forward for the period of 2030-2050. They include the request to introduce a methodology that accounts for the CO2 emission savings from renewable gas and to speed up the implementation of the DAFI Directive across Europe by “ maintaining a technology neutral approach.”
Moreover, NGVA deals with the tax-related issues, pointing out to a preferential taxation for gas as transport fuel due to its environmental support to a faster expansion, as well as the need “ to recognize the potential of renewable gas, by creating the right conditions to underpin production dedicated to the mobility.”
Finally, the association requests that the specific features of gas as fuel should be considered in the process of determination of the future emission standards.

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