“Italian air is cleaner than 40 years ago”

Study by CNR-University of Milan: the days with visibility of over10-20 km more than doubled

raffineria.jpgIn the recent 40 years Italy’s atmosphere has become clearer and the air - cleaner. These are the conclusions of a study conducted by a group of researchers of the Institute of Atmospheric and Climate Sciences at the National Research Center (CNR-ISAC) and the Department of Science and Environmental Policies at the University of Milan. It used the data of a meteorological variable that had never exhaustively analyzed in Italy: the atmospheric horizontal visibility, significantly determined by the pollution level.
The study, published in “Atmospheric Environment,” evaluates the evolution of the frequency of days with “clear atmosphere” (that is with visibility of over 10 and 20 km) in various areas across Italy in the period of 1951-2017. The conclusion is that such frequency “has significantly changed in all the areas under study and the most important changes have been observed in the most polluted parts of the country.” For instance, in zones such as the Po Basin the frequency of days with visibility of over 10 or 20 km has more than doubled in the recent 40 years.
“The analyses conducted clearly point out that Italy has been greatly successful in combating air pollution,” commented lecturer of atmospheric physics at the University of Milan Maurizio Maugeri. He said he was convinced that “we still can do more to complete the path of remediation documented by the data of atmospheric visibility.”

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