The National Innovation Fund becomes operative

The new Invitalia-CDP carrier to support startups and SMEs

scale.jpgThe National Innovation Fund has officially become operative. With an initial allocation of 1 billion euros will operate as “funds of the funds” also through direct investments to support development of startups and innovative small- and middle-sized enterprises.
The Fund, explains a message of the Ministry of Economic Development, was launched on Monday, with Invitalia transferring a 70%-stake of the asset management company Invitalia Ventures SGR. This operation completed the course initiated with the approval of the Budget Act which in turn sanctioned the establishment of the Invitalia-CDP carrier that will be “the pillar of the industrial policy in the scope of startups and innovation.”
“With the National Innovation Fund and other measures put in place for the digital sector we hope that Italy will become a country where innovation can flourish,” declared Minister Luigi Di Maio.

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07 August 2019 - 15:55 CEST