ENTSOG’s 2020 work programme under consultation

Network code and market functionality as well as decarbonization projects

scale.jpgThe draft of the ENTSOG’s 2020 work programme is under consultation until September 6 this year. As explains General Manager of the association Jan Ingwersen “it will still focus on monitoring of the implementation of the network codes, the Ten-Year Network Development (TYNDP), the security of supplies and transparency. It will also work to evaluate the progress on the functionality of the European gas market and the creation of a network of gas pipelines ready to meet the targets of decarbonization.”
In further detail, in 2020 ENTSOG will keep performing its tasks in the sector of regulation and deal with the targets indicated by the EU’s Energy Union providing support to it members and other stakeholders, while continuing the monitoring activities.
Moreover, future activities of ENTSOG will include “the search for a long-term horizon for the European scenarios:” the 2020 TYNDP will go beyond the traditional asset by applying “a more visionary approach” and including the energy transition projects for the first time.
ENTSOG, reads the work programme, will be committed to “rendering the European gas network ready to reach the decarbonization targets, supporting all the technologies which contribute to a more efficient transition of the energy sector, in terms of both costs and time.”
Finally, ENTSOG will continue its work as “a proactive, trusted adviser” on gas transmission related topics in order to “support the accomplishment of the EU target for competitiveness, security of supplies and sustainability.”

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