Lombardy, 12 new LNG stations to arrive soon

The Region allocates 2 million euors as contribution

Lombardy’s strategy for LNG for road vehicles is getting into full swing. The Region has actually allocated 2 million euros worth contributions under the call for proposals that the Council approved by the end of last year, destined to the building of 12 new stations dispensing liquefied gas.
“This subsidy is intended for 9 facilities along 11.700 km of main roads, which means one station more or less every 1,300 km,” explains the Region in a message.
“Once the 12 stations enter into service, also thanks to the call,” underlines Lombardy’s Councilor for Economic Development, Alessandro Mattinzoli, “the total of LNG stations in Lombardy will reach 21, with the average of one plant every 550 km we will provide an extended coverage across the entire Region.”
The message specifies that the goal of the measure is to “contribute to the creation of an innovative distribution network of a low environmental impact fuel which at the same time is efficient in refueling heavy duty vehicles, particularly, for medium and long-distance hauling.”

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08 August 2019 - 15:49 CEST