Efficiency and innovation, new regional contributions

Emilia-Romagna and Marche issue calls totaling €5.2 M

scale.jpgThe Regions of Emilia-Romagna and Marche have allocated new funds intended for favoring innovation and energy saving of small- and middle-sized enterprises and agricultural companies.
In further detail, Marche launched a call (proposals to be submitted by December 5, 2019) for “Tangible and intangible investments undertaken by agri-food companies and for reduction in energy consumption.”
Under the call a financial subsidy of 3.2 million euros for the year 2019 has been granted. Its aim is to provide support to manufacturing companies of the agricultural sector in order to increase their competitiveness, promote the adjustment and/or upgrading of their processing facilities and marketing, as well as improve their overall sustainability also in terms of mitigation and adaptation to the climate change.
In turn the call worth €2 M issued by Emilia-Romagna is destined to “reinforce the innovation capacity of the regional SMEs.” The projects eligible for financing will be those who deal with technological innovation and diversification of products and/or services,” with the aim, as the Region specifies, of “supporting the businesses that need to acquire externally the required innovative services and the competences, to complete, also from the management point of view, the processes of innovation for their introduction into the market.

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