Methane, all vehicles available on the market in the NGVA Europe’s catalogue

Deals with passenger cars, commercial vehicles and bus: “The important role of gas confirmed”

68 vehicles powered with natural gas are sold in the Europen market, they are divided in 23 passenger cars, 11 light commercial vehicles, 13 trucks and 21 buses. These are the findings of “ Catalogue 2019” by NGVA Europe, which describes all the models of passenger cars, vans, trucks and buses fueled with methane or LNG, including the data on power, consumption and emissions.
“The catalogue confirms the major role of gas across the different segments of the European mobility market” points out Secretary General of NGVA Europe, Andrea Gerini, underlining that “ thanks to the realization of the circular economy model, CNG and LNG technology can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 95%, representing an important asset for our environment and domestic industry.” The association actually reminds that biomethane and synthetic methane can be mixed without any criticality to natural gas.
The document by NGVA also takes stock of the methane and LNG stations located across Europe. They amount to 3,583 and 210, respectively of which around 35% and 23% are in Italy, the undisputed leader of the sector.

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