ADAC: “Methane-fueled cars have the lowest impact on the environment”

Comparative study of the German association on the entire life of vehicles

Vehicles fueled with methane are less harmful for the climate. This is the finding of a recent study commissioned to the Joanneum Research Institute by the main German automobile club, ADAC, which has considered the entire life of the vehicle from its production through the use to scrapping (Well-to-Tank e Tank-to-Wheel).
The study, not only analyzes CO2 emissions, but also those of NOx and CH4. On that basis it draws a conclusion that, considering the German energy mix, the vehicles which have lower impact for the climate are those running on CNG, followed by electric and diesel cars.
In practice, underlines ADAC, in terms of environmental performance only a hydrogen or electric car powered with energy totally produced from renewable sources can do better than gas vehicles. That is why the latter could further reduce their emissions by running on biomethane.

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06 September 2019 - 15:10 CEST