Bio-LNG, the plant that transforms CO2 in methane

Presented in Piedmont. Technologies also to produce hydrogen and biogas at limited costs

Extracting carbon dioxide from the air to produce methane as well as hydrogen and biogas at limited costs. On Wednesday, Hysytech based in Turin described to Councilor for the Environment and Technological Innovation of Piedmont, Matteo Marnati, the new technology of the company developed to improve air quality when producing energy.
The Bio-LNG plant is able to transform CO2 in methane in a sophisticated procedure of reconversion. At the same time, another equipment, also from Hysytech, produces “green” hydrogen extracted from biogas. Additionally, the company has already signed an agreement with Acea for the creation of a new biomethane production facility in Pinerolo, able to treat up to 1,500 m3 per hour of biogas, which will enter into service in March 2020.
“The Region of Piedmont is promoting regional and production of equipment for green energy generation which is increasingly demanded by the communes,” declared in a message Councilor Marnati, specifying that “with the European funds we are going to ensure cash flows to support businesses such as this one, that is the those which export Italian technology under the banner of ecology and green energy production.”


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09 September 2019 - 15:51 CEST