A handbook for sustainable mobility in the Mediterranean

Outcome of the Mobilitas project financed under the EU programme Interreg Med

mare.jpg“ Handbook on sustainable mobility in the Med area” is the tittle of the manual containing solutions for sustainable mobility in the Mediterranean published on Friday under Mobilitas, the project financed within the European regional cooperation programme Interreg Med.
The goal of the manual – elaborated by the Province of Rimini with the input of the Region of Emilia-Romagna – is to “make the most of the projects and solutions implemented in the area of the Mediterranean,” explains a message, specifying that the handbook includes the results of 7 projects of the sustainable mobility network (Camp-sUmp, EnerNet-Mob, Locations, Mobilitas, MO-Tivate, Remedio e Sumport) organized by policies and actions.
“Touristic activities concentrated along the coasts in summer as well as mobility of inhabitants in peak periods during the rest of the year are the cause of heavy traffic, which has significant consequences for the environmental noise pollution and health,” concludes the message.


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