LNG, new facility in Chieri (Turin)

The dispenser is located at the filling station of Autogas Group

The LNG distribution network keeps expanding. This time it is in Chieri (Province of Turin) where Autogas Group announced opening of a new area dedicated to liquefied methane and compressed methane distribution within its filling station.
According to Marco Roggerone, Chief Executive Officer of Autogas Group, LNG “is another building block which completes our energy offer in line with our sustainability policy.” “The challenge,” he adds, “is to adapt courses of sustainable development and we believe that the LNG revolution can be crucial.”
“The most eco-sustainable solution currently feasible,” explains Marco Colombo, director of the company’s transport unit, “consists in the use of low environmental impact fuels that are already available. They are marked by an efficient distribution network and rapid inclusion of new solutions that, however, for the time being, lack a real distribution structure.”
The facility consists of a vertical cryogenic tank of 60 m3 equipped with a submersible centrifugal LNG pump for refueling heavy duty vehicles, and a nozzle dispenser with 2 MID meters.

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