Hydrogen, low carbon industry and cleaner vehicles are one of the EU’s industrial priorities

The recommendations of the Strategic Forum for IPCEI: “Reinforcing European competitiveness in the future-oriented sectors”

Hydrogen systems and technologies; low CO2 emissions industry; clean and autonomous vehicles; cybersecurity; industrial Internet of Things; smart healthcare. According to the Strategic Forum for Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) these are the industrial sectors of the future on which Europe should concentrate its efforts.
The Forum – in which Italy is represented by the MoED, Confindustria (Italian Employers' Federation) and consortium ASTER (that associates, among others Enea, CNR, INFN, the Technical University of Milan and the Region of Emilia-Romagna) – carried out an analysis of the European industrial landscape and on Tuesday, it presented a report with a series of recommendations aimed to “reinforce Europe’s competitiveness and global leadership in the strategic future-oriented sectors.”
The recommendations include, among others, a “roadmap to a future Europe’s hydrogen economy.” According to the Forum it has the potential to “allow for a large-scale development of renewable sources, increasing the EU’s energy security and resilience at the same time.”
For the low carbon industry, the Forum calls for a strong boost to the R&D, whereas for the vehicles there are recommended adequate investments in high efficiency electric engines, hydrogen storage, fuel cells, ultrafast charging points for e-cars and hydrogen refueling.
Finally, for cybersecurity, the Forum recommends coordinated investments and support measures for sharing of information between Member States and industries, focusing particularly on services such as electricity, gas, water and transportation.

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