Mobility, new incentives for conversion to methane and LPG in Veneto

Financing of up to €1,000 per vehicle, priority to the lower-income brackets

On Tuesday, the Council of Veneto, upon proposal of Councilor for the Environment Gianpaolo Bottacin, approved a new call for applications under the anti-smog measures undertaken by the Region.
The call provides for granting of financing to private persons for the conversion of power feeding of gasoline or diesel fuel vehicles to LPG or methane, in the amount of up to € 1,000 per vehicle.
The resolution approving the call, which provides for an initial allocation of €200,000, confirms that similarly as in the previous calls, the rating will consider the financial situation of the beneficiaries and gives priority in the assignment of incentives to the lower-income brackets.
“In line with the need to reduce the polluting agents, including particulate matter, we have adopted a further provision in one of the sectors that are most responsible for contaminating emissions,” commented Bottacin.

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07 November 2019 - 15:46 CET