EU, circular economy under consultation

In pursuit of the Plan envisaged by the Green Deal

As foreseen by the Green Deal presented last month by President of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, the EU’s executive branch has started preparing the new circular economy plan with a consultation which will end on January 20.
The Plan, which will result in the communication “speeding up the transition towards a circular economy” to be adopted together with the new Industrial Strategy of the Union, will address various aspects of the life cycle of products and materials, “ensuring a sustainable use of resources in particularly resource-intensive sectors such as textiles, construction, electronics and plastics,” explains the Commission.
The Plan will include policies to “encourage the design, production and marketing of sustainable products,” among others, establishing “minimum requirements to prevent environmentally harmful products from being placed on the EU market” and providing “options to prioritize repair and reuse before recycling.”
There are also “measures to allow consumers to contribute to the circular economy.” They include dissemination of “reliable, verifiable and comparable” information on the sustainability characteristics of the products.

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