Car market, methane + 140% in December

In 2019 total registrations + 0.3%

Good results from alternative fuel systems and growth in petrol cars with a simultaneous drop in diesel ones, in the context of overall sales which slightly increased. These are the main 2019 data of the Italian car market, which based on data released on Thursday by the Ministry of Transportation recorded total sales of 1,916,320 units last year, 0.3% more than in 2018.
In further detail, the division of registrations by power feeding registered a -16.3% in December for diesel cars and a +32% for petrol cars, with increases also for LPG (+22.8%), hybrid (+70, 1%), electrical (+122.1%) and above all methane (+140.6%).
In the entire 2019, diesel cars dropped by 22.2% to 853,691 units and the market share fell to 40%, while all the other types are growing: 853,691 petrol cars sold (+25.8% to 44.3% of the market), 136,841 LPG ones (+9.1% to 7.1%), 38,620 of those running on methane (+3% to 2%), 116,327 hybrid vehicles (+33.4% to 6%). Electric cars increased by 110.8% to 10,566 registered units, but with a market share of just 0.5%.

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