ACER, the 2020-2022 work programme

The EU Agency will focus on monitoring of the markets and on electricity and gas infrastructure

Monitoring of electricity and gas markets, internal market, infrastructure and security of supply, REMIT. These are the areas in which the activities of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) will be divided in 2020, according to the work programme for the three-year period of 2020-2022 published on Monday.
More specifically, as regards the strategic areas, the Programme envisages that in the coming years the Agency will concentrate its activities on at least four main sectors: the completion of the internal energy market and the monitoring of its functioning, the development of infrastructures and security of supply, monitoring of wholesale energy markets and long-term regulations.
As for operational activities, ACER has reduced them to six in view of the entry into force of the regulations of the Clean Energy Package and in order to simplify its tasks and results. The activities relating to REMIT were divided in two: market integrity and transparency, market surveillance and conduct.
The other four activities, as mentioned, are the internal electricity market, the internal gas market, the electricity and gas market monitoring, infrastructure and security of supply.


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