Smart gas meters, UNI standards for interchangeability

Published – the new 11291-12 series: General provisions and cases of use, Data Model and Communication Profile PP4

Parts 12-1, 12-2 and 12-4 of the new UNI/TS 11291-12 series “Gas measurement systems – Hourly gas measurement devices – Interchangeability of meters with flow rate ≤ 10 m3/h with point-to-point communication” were published on Thursday.
The technical specifications, explains the Italian Gas Committee (Comitato Italiano Gas, CIG), complete the technical regulatory requirements defined in the applicable parts of UNI/TS 11291, in order to allow for the interchangeability of the natural gas metering units intended for the “mass-market” (<G10) which communicate in point-to-point mode.
In further detail, the technical specification 12-1 (“General provisions and cases of use”) defines the “application functions and communication interfaces that must be made available by measurement groups and network devices on the local port for the purposes of installation and maintenance,” while the 12-2 (“Data model”) specifies the “subset of the data model specified for interchangeability.” Finally, the specification 12-4 (“PP4 communication profile”) defines the entities necessary for the management of the means of transmission and the machines by communication management states.

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