Fluxys, offers firm capacity on Transitgas

In February, a volume of 1,800 MWh / h from Wallbach and Oltingue to Passo Gries

FluxSwiss has launched its monthly auction for February regarding the transfer of firm transportation capacity on the trans-Swiss gas pipeline Transitgas.
The Swiss branch of Belgian gas network operator Fluxys specifies that in the period of February 1-29, 2020 an overall capacity of 1,800 MWh/h is offered on a “ship or pay” basis in the directions from Wallbach and Oltingue to Passo Gries.
In further detail, the offer is divided in 3 lots of 30 MWh/h each from Wallbach to the Passo Gries (Germany-Italy) and 27 lots of 810 MWh/h from Oltingue to Passo Gries (France-Italy).
The reserve price stands at 1 Swiss Franc per MWh.
The allocation procedure envisages submitting of the applications for participation by January 15 and schedules the auction for the 17th day of this month.

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