Environment and energy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia consults citizens

An online questionnaire will be used

Friuli-Venezia Giulia will launch a public consultation that will lead to the definition of the regional strategy in cooperation with the universities of Trieste and Udine and with the Region’s Energy Agency (APE).
“Environment and energy are extremely topical issues. That’s why today we ask the citizens of our region about their opinion on these issues to outline together the strategy for sustainable development,” said Councilor for Sustainable Development, Fabio Scoccimarro.
The consultation will take place through a questionnaire, available online, which can be completed in an absolutely anonymous form by everyone and in a simple way. The questions concern the environment, the economy, climate change, waste, health, education, sustainable and safe cities, fair, inclusive and equal society, explains a message.
“Our commitment on these issues is very high and constant,” underlined Scoccimarro. Actually, it is no coincidence “that we were the first and we are still the only ones in Italy to have, within the Council, a delegation specifically dedicated to sustainable development.”

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