Innovation manager, decree for new funds

46 million euros are coming. They will increase the financial subsidy for vouchers for consultancy on innovation aimed at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as business networks.

In fact, the decree of the Ministry of Economic Development was adopted to allocate resources to the 1,784 applications for facility intended for companies were not able to receive financing on December 20, when the list of admitted applications was published. The first 1,831 applications were able to take advantage of 50 million euros made available initially. Following the companies’ great appreciation of the measure, 3,615 requests were submitted which determined a total amount of necessary financing equal to approximately 95 million euros that was higher than the financial subsidy initially available for the action.

The objective of vouchers for consultancy on innovation is to support the processes of technological, digital and management transformation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as business networks active throughout the country.

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20 January 2020 - 08:59 CET