Efficiency and sustainable development, the distribution of funds to municipalities

Decree of the Ministry of the Interior published in O.J. €497.22 M come in

The contributions for the Municipalities for energy efficiency and sustainable territorial development are arriving. The Official Gazette no. 13 of January 17, actually published the communication relating to the decree of the Ministry of the Interior “Allocation to municipalities of contributions for investments destined for public works in the field of energy efficiency and sustainable territorial development for the year 2020.”
The decree, which implements the provisions of the Budget Law 2020, indicates that “the overall amount of the contributions to be assigned is € 497,220,000.” The Municipalities, which will receive the funds in proportion to the resident population, will have to start the works by September 15, 2020.
The grants may be destined for various public works: “Interventions aimed at efficiency of public lighting, energy saving of publicly owned buildings and public residential buildings, as well as the installation of systems for the production of energy from renewable sources.” In turn for sustainable territorial development, there are envisaged “interventions in the field of mobility, as well as for the adaptation and safety of schools, public buildings and municipal heritage as well as for the removal of architectural barriers.”

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