ENTSOG, report on the first cycle of incremental capacity

Analysis prepared on the basis of the input of 38 members of the association

ENTSOG has published the monitoring report of the first cycle of the incremental capacity process, started in April 2017 on the basis of the CAM Network Code.
The CAM code, a message reminds, laid the foundations for a process of identifying the simplified and harmonized incremental capacity requirement at EU level, setting the rules for requesting and allocating capacity as well as providing for close cooperation between the gas transmission system operators (TSOs) and national regulatory authorities.
The incremental capacity process takes place at least every odd year and consists of two phases: a first non-binding one, in which the demand is evaluated, and a second binding one, from which commitments for incremental capacity by network users derive. Once the binding commitments are received, the economic viability of the incremental capacity project is assessed through an economic test, which will determine the feasibility of the project.
The report was prepared by ENTSOG on the basis of the input from 38 members of the association.

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