Gas mobility, appeal from EU associations

ACEA, EBA and NGVA Europe: “Accelerate the development of refueling infrastructure”< /strong>

Expansion of gas supply infrastructure throughout the European Union, support for the integration and use of an increasing share of renewable gas in the EU market and EU funds for R&D activities in the sector. This is what the European associations of car manufacturers (ACEA), biogas (EBA) and gas and biogas vehicles (NGVA Europe) ask for. In a joint declaration published Tuesday, they insist on the importance of alternative fuels for a successful energy transition.
According to the three associations, CNG and LNG are “concrete solutions both for private cars and for commercial road transport fleets, which can make an important contribution to the transition alongside other engine and fuel alternatives.”
Furthermore - underline ACEA, EBA and NGVA Europe - “the progressive introduction of renewable gases in the gas networks will further contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions from road transport.”
“The use of natural and renewable gas is a quick and easy way to integrate a complex system that will gradually change the way we move and transport goods around the world,” said NGVA Europe Secretary General, Andrea Gerini, adding that “recognizing the role of gas for the decarbonization of transport is the best way to create a safe, sustainable and efficient system.”

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