Energy from waste, new UNI standards

The Italian Thermo-technical Committee puts out two projects for consultation

Two drafts under the competence of the Italian Thermo-technical Committee (Comitato Termotecnico Italiano, CTI) relating to the production of energy from waste are in the phase of preliminary public examination, which will end on January 31, 2020. The consultation regards two future technical specifications that will replace the UNI/ TS 11461: 2012 and UNI/TS 11597: 2015.
The UNI 1607324 draft “Co-combustion, incineration and co-incineration plants - Determination of the fraction of renewable energy produced by the plant through the 14C measurement from the chimney” is applied to determine the renewable energy produced in gasification and pyrolysis plants and to evaluate CO2 emissions for the purposes of emission trading legislation. The future UNI/TS is a prerequisite for determining the share of renewable energy produced from the incineration of waste and/or fuels (fossil and renewable) in order to ensure the full application of the incentive mechanisms for the production of energy from renewable sources.
UNI 1607325 “Characterization of waste and CSS in terms of biomass and energy content” provides the general criteria for the characterization of waste and secondary solid fuels for the purpose of determining the biomass and energy content. The project provides support to those who must carry out the identification and characterization of the fuel for energy conversion.

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