Switzerland, the hydrogen project is underway

Collaboration between companies for a network of filling stations

At the end of a first preparatory phase, this year the industrial implementation of the hydrogen project developed by the H2 Mobility Switzerland association will begin. It aims to create a national network of hydrogen stations in the Confederation for the use of cell commercial and private fuel cell vehicles.
The 19 members of H2 Mobility Switzerland - including Coop, Leclerc, Schöni Transport, Avia, Shell, Socar and Tamoil - now manage around 2,000 conventional service stations and more than 5,000 trucks.
“As a transport company, we take our responsibility for the environment and the achievement of climate goals very seriously,” said Schöni Transport President, Daniel Schöni, who said “ technology is now available and the association is implementing these new possibilities quickly, consistently and on a private economic basis.”
In addition to the existing hydrogen refueling station in Hunzenschwil (owned by Coop), H2 Mobility Switzerland will put another 5 sites into operation by the end of 2020: Agrola/Landi in Zofingen, Avia in San Gallo and Rümlang, as well as Coop in Dietlikon and Crissier.
“The use of fuel cell electric vehicles is no different from that of petrol vehicles, in the future they will refuel in the same places and refueling will be carried out at the same time,” said Avia Corporate Development Manager, Martin Osterwalder.

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