Environmental Journalism Festival, over 100 speakers and 50 newspapers

From 6 to 8 March in Rome focus on climate, waste and Green New Deal. Event organized by the Ministry of the Environment, ENEA, ISPRA and FIMA

“We believe that the turn towards the Green new deal and the fight against climate change must go through some main themes such as information and environmental education.” The Minister of the Environment, Sergio Costa, explained the organization - together with ENEA, ISPRA and FIMA (Italian Federation of Environmental Media) - of the first Environmental Journalism Festival, which will take place at Maxxi in Rome from 6 to 8 March.
Over 100 experts, disseminators and journalists from 50 print media, radio, TV and online newspapers will participate in the Festival. They will discuss opportunities and critical issues, new tools and paths through debates, speeches, news reports, dialogs and documentaries.
The Festival will be divided into four sessions: information to the general public, surveys, new media and fake news risk; climate and waste emergencies; circular economy and Green New Deal opportunities; technological innovation, smart cities, renewable sources and sustainable mobility.
“The Festival arose from the desire to support quality information on these strategic issues for life and future of all of us, being awareness of the fundamental role of the media in informing and, at the same time, training,” said President of ENEA, Federico Testa.

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