Public transport, Bristol switches to biomethane

The English city launches the first 27 buses, to be followed by another 50

The first 27 biomethane buses of the 77 of the local transport company First West of England have started to circulate on the streets of Bristol.
The fuel for vehicles, coming from food waste and supplied by anaerobic digesters throughout the United Kingdom, is managed through a new filling station built at the First West of England depot, according to which biomethane allows to reduce gas emissions - by more than 85% more than diesel buses while contributing to improving air quality.
The initiative, which follows an experiment with a biomethane bus carried out in 2015 when Bristol obtained the title of European Green Capital, involved an investment of 28 million pounds, of which 4.79 million were financed by the government's Low Emission Bus program.

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21 February 2020 - 14:46 CET