In 2019, 1,040 LNG-fueled trucks trucks registered in Italy

49% growth on 2018, another 59 vehicles in January 2020. The data of ANFIA

In 2019 1,040 LNG trucks were registered in Italy (+49% compared to the volumes of 2018), while in January 2020 new registrations amounted to 58 items. This is what emerges from the data of ANFIA, according to which the Italian circulating fleet of trucks powered by liquid gas has thus reached 2,200 items.
The park, the association underlines in a message, is also “destined to grow further, along with the development of a widespread natural gas supply network.” Italy currently has 66 refueling stations and the network is expanding, also thanks to the 42 LNG dispensers planned in 2020 or soon to open.
On the occasion of the work of the Automotive Table set up by the Ministry of Economic Development, ANFIA reiterated the importance of adopting sustainability policies in freight transport that guarantee the effective and rapid spread of alternative fuel vehicles and are accompanied by tools logistics optimization.

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