Antarctica: “Season change” in the two Italian bases

Summer campaign of the National Research Program in Antarctica (PNRA) ends, winter campaign at the Italian-French station “Concordia” begins

The 16th winter campaign of the National Research Program in Antarctica (Programma nazionale di ricerca in Antartide, PNRA), funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, and implemented by the CNR in terms of planning and coordination as well as by ENEA in the scope of planning and logistical organization of shipments.
For the next 8 months, 5 Italians and 6 French from the Paul Emile Victor Institute (IPEV) and a Dutch doctor from the European Space Agency (ESA) will remain in total isolation to keep the experimental equipment active and to continue ongoing research work on Antarctic programs, which concern studies of glaciology, chemistry and physics of the atmosphere, astrophysics, astronomy and geophysics.
In the meantime, the normal research activities of the 35th PNRA summer campaign at the Italian Coastal Station “Mario Zucchelli” on the promontory of Terra Nova Bay have ended. This year the only “all-Italian” base in Antarctica does not close its doors: for the first time, a group of 14 people will remain there until the end of March to carry out renovation of the base’s rooms. The team will return to New Zealand on April 8, aboard the Korean icebreaker “Araon.”

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