Pressure control and gas measurement, new UNI standard

Terms and definitions of stations connected to transmission networks

The Italian Gas Committee (Comitato Italiano Gas, CIG) has announced the publication in the UNI catalog of the new UNI 9167 Gas infrastructure series “Pressure control and gas measurement stations, connected to transmission networks” which replaces UNI 9167:2009.
The series, specifies a message, consists of two parts: Part 1 “Terms and definitions”; Part 2 “Housings, gas pressure control and preheating systems – Design, construction and testing”; Part 3 “Gas measurement systems – Design, construction and testing.”
The standard provides, in accordance with current legislation, the main design, construction and testing criteria for pressure control systems and fuel gas measurement systems of the first and second generation, as defined in UNI EN 437, located downstream redelivery points from the carrier to the distributor, the end customer and other transmission networks.

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