Lombardy, incentives for energy diagnostics and ISO 50001 standard

Contributions to small and medium-sized enterprises for over 2.2 million euros from the Region

On February 24, the environmental call of the Lombardy Region was issued. It allocates 2,238,750 euros in non-repayable grants for the energy check-ups or the adoption of the ISO 50001 standard on “Energy management systems – Requirements and guidelines for use.”
The call is intended for SMEs that operate in the area of Lombardy and are active in the manufacturing sector and the extraction of minerals from quarries and mines.
The maximum contribution is 8,000 euros for the energy check-ups, of which 5,600 euros are financed by the State and 2,400 euros by the Region, and 16,000 euros for the adoption of the ISO 50001 management system, of which 1,200 from the State and 4,800 euros from the Region.
Applications for participation in the call must be submitted by March 31, 2022.
“This is a concrete intervention to promote energy saving and environmental protection and also an opportunity for modernization and development for businesses and the territory of Lombardy,” explained Lombardy’s Councilor for the Environment and Climate, Raffaele Cattaneo.

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