Piedmont, €4.3 billion in 10 years for green economy

Public and private investments for the maintenance and installation of energy networks

In the next 10 years 4.3 billion euros will be invested in Piedmont for the maintenance and installation of electricity and gas grids. The Region announced it in a message, explaining that the recognition of the resources for the green economy illustrated on in the Council on February 21 by the Energy Councilor highlighted that 1.8 billion euros are destined for the modernization of the gas grid in the 17 minimum territorial areas where works will start by the end of the year after the publication of the calls.
For example, underlines a message, the modernization works of the gas networks carried out in 49 municipalities in the Province of Turin have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 100,000 tons and those of fine dust by 1,300 tons in 12 years.
The Region also reiterated its commitment to use 600 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund between now and 2027 for the matters falling within its competence in the green economy sector.

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26 February 2020 - 15:14 CET