CDP Venture Capital, 4 funds already active and 2 others to be launched

CDP Venture Capital, 4 funds already active and 2 others to be launched

The 2020-2022 Business Plan “From Italy to innovate Italy” is already operational

Over the next three years, venture capital will be a cornerstone of CDP Venture Capital’s economic development. This is provided for by the Industrial Plan 2020-2022 “From Italy to Innovate Italy” of the CDP’s SGR, which its CEO Enrico Resmini presented on Monday.
The allocation of the funds of SGR is approximately € 1 billion (of which approximately € 800 million already subscribed), thanks to the resources allocated equally by the government and the CDP Group through CDP Equity.
To date, the subscription is close to reaching € 800 million, of which € 260 million through the MoED’s co-investment Fund, which will systematically co-invest with the funds managed by CDP Venture Capital.
Four funds are already operational: The Italia Venture I Fund, which invests in start-ups and innovative SMEs in Italy with a budget of € 80 million; the Italia Venture II Fund - Southern Businesses Fund, which aims to accelerate the competitiveness and development of start-ups and innovative SMEs in the South of Italy with a budget of € 150 million; the VenturItaly Fund of Funds which invests in Venture Capital funds with a budget of € 300 million; the Accelerators Fund, operational since the end of May 2020 aiming to assist the creation and/or development of vertical acceleration programs in strategic sectors, with an initial allocation of € 125 million.
Furthermore, in the coming months, CDP Venture Capital will launch two other funds: The Corporate Venture Capital Fund, which will invest directly in start-ups focused on some of the country’s strategic areas with an initial endowment of € 150 million; and the Tech Transfer Fund, which will support the technology transfer chain through selective co-investment in the most promising start-ups and the investment in specialized vertical funds with an initial endowment of € 150 million.
Last but not least, in the first months of 2021, the launch of the Late Stage Fund is expected. With an initial endowment of € 100 million, it will directly support start-ups already in the “mature” phase that need capital for further consolidation and expansion on international markets.
Overall, SGR is currently evaluating a pipeline of over 200 opportunities and plans to decide upon over € 250 million worth of investments by the end of 2020.

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