EU project for the energy efficiency of SMEs


EU project for the energy efficiency of SMEs

The program will be coordinated by ENEA and will involve agencies from 8 other countries

LEAP4SME is the name of an EU project that aims to provide support to the Member States and European institutions in development of programs promoting energy efficiency in SMEs, “starting from an instrument such as energy check-ups that sees Italy in the leading positions in Europe.”
The project is coordinated by ENEA and involves eight other national energy agencies in the European area: Austria (AEA), Croatia (EIHP), Greece (CRES), Malta (EWA), Poland (KAPE), Portugal (ADENE), the United Kingdom (EST) and Slovakia (SIEA).
Approved as part of the Horizon 2020 program, LEAP4SME (Linking Energy Audit Policies to enhance and support SMEs towards energy efficiency) “provides for, above all, a preliminary analysis of the specific issues and national efficiency programs of the partner countries,” explains a message. Next, there will be conducted a thorough study of the European SME sector “ aimed at proposing targeted schemes and recommendations that take into account the energy aspects related to the improvement of production processes.”

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