MoED-Confindustria, the strategy for the Green New Deal

MoED-Confindustria, the strategy for the Green New Deal

Patuanelli-Regina meeting. The government to launch a program on strategic supply chains

During a meeting between Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, and delegate for energy of Confindustria, Aurelio Regina, “a wide-ranging industrial strategy was shared on the Green New Deal,” for an energy transition that constitutes a development opportunity for the Italian production sector.
According to the model presented by the Association of Italian Employers – reads a message – “ estimated investments amount to over 50 billion a year until 2030, a figure that allows achieving the targets that the government and social stakeholders have set themselves in the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP).” By mutual agreement, “the government will launch a program on strategic supply chains, hydrogen and renewables, aimed at the energy transition.”
Patuanelli – the MoED informs – has also given the green light to the measures facilitating the transition “of important gas-producing industrial sectors and avoid their relocation.” Two measures regarding this aspect will be launched: “one to be implemented countrywide and the other, being currently notified to the EU Commission, will make it possible to reduce the price spread with respect to European industrial players in the gas sector.”

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