Climate, 8 webinars to prepare for the COP26

Climate, 8 webinars to prepare for the COP26

The Ministry of the Environment organizes a series of appointments for young people

From July this year until March 2021, the Ministry of the Environment organizes eight webinars for young people from all over the world so that they can make their proposals to representatives of international institutions as a preparation for the “Youth4Climate” event: Driving Ambition “and from pre-COP26, which will take place in Milan in the autumn of next year.
The virtual meetings, entitled “Youth4Climate: Live Series, driving momentum towards pre-COP and COP26,” – reads a message – “will allow young people to make a contribution to the work involving the nearly 200 member countries of the UN convention on climate change.”
The online seminars are organized by the ministry in cooperation with the United Nations Special Envoy for Youth Office and the World Bank’s “Connect4Climate” program.

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