EU, interregional partnerships for recovery

Call for the hydrogen, digital, circular economy, healthcare, sustainable tourism sectors

On Monday, the European Commission launched a call for expressions of interest for building thematic partnerships to promote interregional innovation projects in support of the post-Coronavirus recovery. The purpose of the invitation, Brussels explains in a message, is “to help the Regions to seize the opportunities that arise from the crisis, in order to develop resilience and exploit green and digital transformation for the recovery of the most affected sectors.”
The call, open until September 7, will support interregional partnerships in four thematic areas: development of the value chain and circular economy in the healthcare sector, projects for the sustainable tourism and digital sector, development of hydrogen technologies in the carbon-intensive regions, for example through the conversion of coal mines, foundries or existing production facilities.
The entities invited to the call are regional authorities and other stakeholders (universities, research centers, clusters, SMEs, etc.) “willing to promote innovation partnerships at interregional level to make it easier to commercialize and increase the number of innovative projects and promote business investment.”
In addition to the Commission’s technical support, each partnership will benefit from external consultancy services of max € 100,000 for demonstration, growth and marketing activities.

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